Sunday, November 10, 2013

Using up extra yarn: Afghan

I had several balls of brown and green yarns left over from previous project so I crocheted up this Afghan with them.  A little different from the Granny Square, Afghan, I started this one in a circle (see picture below) and then changed it into a square at the fourth row.  I really like how the colors blended together.  At first this was just going to be a small baby sized afghan, but I decided to make it larger for one of my little brothers.

Here I put it in with my cowboy boots to make the picture look more rustic for the listing...  yep they are Tony Lama boots for sale, so drop me a line if you want them! :)


Elanee said...

That's a really pretty afghan Shiloh, and a great idea for extra yarn. Are you going to sell it on Etsy?

Ebenezer Forest Farm said...

Hi Elanee,
No, this one's for Benjamin, but I listed another one on Ebay. I've considered Etsy, but right now I haven't used it to sell.