Monday, May 20, 2013

Sun Dress

My little sister has been growing so much this past year that she's growing out of all her dresses! So, in my spare time lately, I've been adding material, ruffle, etc. to make her dresses longer. :) This particular dress it one that I cut out of a skirt. I used one of her other dresses as a pattern for the bodice and just gathered the skirt enough to fit the bodice. Viola! :)

Here is the bottom edge of the dress-- same hem as the skirt!  Then there is an up close of the little funny mirrors that are all over the material.  Next is a picture of the stitching I did for the neck of the dress. 

Coming soon are some pictures of the projects we are currently working on!

Thoughts?  What would you have done?  Something different?  An addition?  :)

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