Monday, January 7, 2013

January Projects Update

 Here are a few projects that I completed and one that I'm working on right now!  :)

This is an Ear Warmer that I made for my brother, Jordan.  I did the simple Knit stitch for this once since I was working mostly on the shape I wanted for an Ear Warmer for men.  It's slightly like my ladies' style except for the fact that's it's much broader, has no extras, and takes a longer time to make!  Here's an up close of Jordan's.  It was fun to learn how to use a double stranded yarn for the first time. 

Here's an Ear Warmer I made for my father!  With this one I did the Rib-Stitch to start out and then just Knit and later into Purl.  Daddy's has two buttons since his head is larger then Jordan's.  The light grey wool mix yarn with the greyish buttons was perfect for this project!

This is a ski-hat is for my sister, Eden!  She donated her yarn to me- how could I say no??  It's a cotton yarn and feels very different from the softer yarn that I'm used to.  I'm using my Roses are Red pattern for this hat.  You can read more about it here or purchase it as an e-pattern download at this link.  I really like how the colors blend together with this project!

Lastly, I finished a cowl for my youngest brother (pictures coming eventually) and am just about making a ladies' Ear Warmer out of some lovely grey yarn with a touch of red for the flower.  I love how the colors go together so nicely!  Pictures coming soon!

What projects have been working on this January??


Elanee Smythe said...

Great post, it looks like your fingers have been busy. Recently, I have been making a sweater for my niece to be, and I have also been working on a knitted nativity scene, but I haven't finished it yet!

Ebenezer Forest Farm said...

Ooo!! I look forward to seeing your project sometime, Elanee! :)