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Tuesday, February 7, 2012

A Book Review!

Hello All,
Today I have the pleasure of posting a book review that I did recently on a book called, "His Princess: Love Letters from Your King" by "Sheri Rose Shepherd" It was an outstanding book, and I really hope you enjoy read the review!

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A Review on “His Princess, Love Letter’s from Your King” by: Sheri Rose Shepherd.

Today I will be reviewing a wonderful book entitled, “His Princess” by Sheri Rose Shepherd.
To begin with, I would like to say that this book deserves a five star rating! I found it quite engaging, extremely encouraging, and very wholesome!
On every two pages of this book, it starts with a theme and a Bible verse, and then the letter, which focuses around the theme of the verse and tells the reader what the Lord really thinks of her.

There is a lot of encouragement to be found in this book!  It helps the reader to know that in God’s eyes, she is a princess! And not only is she a princess to just any king, but the princess of the King of Kings!   It gently reminds her just how much she is loved by her King, and that He will always be there protect her, to defend her, to listen to her, to care for her, to give her strength, and so much more.  Each section of this engaging book are filled with these promises and so much more!

Mrs. Sheri Rose Shepherd says, “...It’s hard to look at our lives and think of ourselves as royalty. But the truth is, God is our King and we are chosen by Him.....” Isn’t it comforting to know that God is our King? The best part about this is that He is a wise King, a just King, and He is our perfect King! We never need to be afraid of anything since God is our King, and this is what this “His Princess” book is about!  It shows us how we are God’s Princess’s and how He uses us.
We are the Lord’s Princess’s and He is our King!
"I received this book for free fromWaterBrook Multnomah Publishing Group for this review."
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