Thursday, January 5, 2012


Hello to our Faithful Blog Readers!
If you've been reading our blog lately, you've probably noticed that we haven't updated for quite awhile. (Okay, the last post was January 4th which wasn't long ago, but if I wasn't posting right now, I don't think any of us would!)

My sisters voted me into the office chair to post on the blog this time. After racking my brain for a very long time, trying to decide what to post about, (it takes a lot of work, you know...) I finally came up with the idea of posting the projects my sisters and I have been working on.

I'll start out with....
...The very busy, (wink) and industrious Bethany.
She's been working on a lot of things right now, so therefore she's had to put the sewing of her cute little nightie aside. But thanks to our dear mother, that won't be for long. Bethany must and will sew it!!!

Next is Shiloh, who is busy coming up with ten thousand different business ideas. (Most of them work, btw). Her most recent project is crocheting a little hat for herself as well as a 4 foot something long scarf. She just finished two more animal hats which she sold. Otherwise, she is working hard at her blog, and is working even harder to sell her Lilla Rose Clips. (

Before I let out what I'm doing, I must tell you what our dear little Havilah is doing. She seems to have picked up the knack of crocheting a nice long row of chain stitches. She's following in her older sister Shiloh's, footsteps. for what I'm going (and am) working on for the New Year.

Here's a picture from the pattern
Butterick B4686
Right now, I'm working on a lovely skirt using the "Butterick B4686" pattern. If you look back at this post, you will see that Bethany made the same skirt.   I surely hope I don't have as many problems as she did! :D (I hope I don't have to go on a diet!)

 I've been studying the Renaissance and Medieval time period and was fascinated by the Knights and Damsels in they're stunning costumes. So for the time to come in the year of 2012, I hope to make a Medieval costume using McCall's M4696 and McCall's 4090.
Here's the pictures:
McCall's Costumes 4090
I'm still trying to figure out which skirt looks better with the bodice:
McCall's Costumes M4696
....But I'm pretty sure that I will be making skirt A.
Now all I have to figure out what color of fabric to use!!! :)

So there you have it!!!
Check back later for some more posts...if we have any! :D

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