Wednesday, November 23, 2011

Sisterly Update & Giveaway

**Update!  We've added a sixth blog!!
You all are probably wonder if we dropped off the face of the earth, but alas...  we have not!  Thankfully. :)  Eden is currently making pumpkin pie, Bethany is sewing another skirt, which we hope will fit just perfectly this time!!, and Shiloh is knitting some orders she received for her Animal Hats.  Oh, and of course, youngest sister, Havilah is simply being cute and sweet like all youngest sisters are supposed to be.  :)

Now we mentioned in our title "Giveaway"...  so here's the scoop on that!

There is a huge Vision Forum Giveaway currently going on!!  Vision Forum sells many Christian books along with several other tools of dominion and such.  It's one of our favorite stores and their catalog is something each siblings in our family always is pouring over until we each nearly have it memorized! :)

So, what's the giveaway?  It's a total of $2,400 in a gift card given away on  six different blogs!!

What are you waiting for???  Go enter!