Monday, July 11, 2011

My Latest Sewing Project

Fabric, Sewing Along, & Lace :)

This is a dress that I was originally was making for De-De many years ago....  however we ran out of fabric and had to set it aside.  We planned to search the Internet and find more matching fabric, but we never did!  :) 

Fast forward to the year of 2011....  De-De has grown so much that she doesn't fit in the pattern size anymore.... but she has a little sister. :)  Thankfully, I was able to take the front panel of this dress and cut it in half to make a back panel.  I used the extra fabric to make a tier on the bottom of the dress and Ta-da!  it worked!!

To top it off~ I also was able to finish the jacket (which was attend for De-De).  Although it's a bit large on Havilah-- it still looks cute with the dress and she can grow into it. :)

After being inspired by another lady's blog I had so much fun making these ruffles!  They look great and they cover up all the knots my machine made (shhh!).  My sewing machine and I agree-- t-shirt material is extremely hard to sew with!  I was also excited to find the adorable, little start button in my mother's button box.  It adds the perfect touch!

And here is the finished product hanging up in the tree outside on a warm, sunny day just looking lovely!

Posted By: Shiloh Ariel

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Jonathan and Chelsea said...

Wow! Such a cute little dress. I am glad I inspired you!

Bekah said...

Very nice!

End of the Matter said...

I'm glad I saw the dress on your blog before I made mine! :)


~Shiloh for the 4 Sisters