Saturday, July 9, 2011

4 Sisters~ Finally a Picture!!

We've been needing a picture of all four of us sisters for a looooooooong time now!  So, on Father's Day we decided that in our Sunday best-- it was time for the perfect picture!

Bethany brought out her camera and we all posed by a lovely backdrop (also known as a fence), but alas it was too sunny!  So, those "shots" didn't work out....

We made it home and decided to try the picture taking project again (we desperately need a picture!), but  alas everyone was tired after such a long day (and ahem sleeping the in car on the way home!) and so our smiles just didn't turn out quite well...  
Shiloh & Bethany

Eden & Havilah
So, everyone worked together and mustered up a happy, bright, joyful look.....  and after five pictures in all...  We had the perfect one!

Now to all of you dear blog readers....  We really are Four Sisters!  And here's our picture-proof! :)
Eden, Havilah, Shiloh, & Bethany
Thank you for the pictures, Mommy!


Lucia Marie said...

I love it, girls! Such sweet pictures..<33 Pretty ladies. :)


Bekah said...

Very beautiful ladies! :D:D:D

Shelbi said...

I love it! It is beautiful of all four of you!

End of the Matter said...

Lucia, Bekah, & Shelbi,
Thank you for your comments!