Thursday, June 9, 2011

"Vlog" #1 ~ Crochet and Macramé!!

Havilah displays her crocheted necklace and handiwork

Recently, we came upon a few "Vlogs"....  

On Wikipedia we discovered that "Vlog" stands for "Video Blog" so without further adieu... let us introduce you to End of the Matter's very first "Vlog"!!!  Drum Rolls, please!  :)

In this short clip Miss Havilah our interviewee will show-off her crochet and lovely macramé work.  Don't you think she's done a lovely job?


Well, that ends our first "Vlog"....  Perhaps we'll make another one in the future....

If you have any questions or comments- feel free to leave them in the comment area and perhaps we'll do a Vlog post on your question or comment.  :)

~The 4 End of the Matter Sisters~


Miss Antoinette K. said...

Awww.... too cute! <3

Miss Antoinette

Shelbi said...

Great job, Havilah! :D

Mary Beth said...

Aw! Havilah is so cute! :) I'd love to see more vlogs!! They're so fun. :D

Mary Beth said...

Oh, and that was so adorable when you said "Can you say goodbye?" and she said "Goodbye, Havilah!" <3