Saturday, June 11, 2011

~Little Girl Slippers~

Introducing the New Ballet Slippers!

I was inspired by a crocheted baby booties tutorial video I saw on a young lady's blog.  With a thicker yarn (I used Red Heart Yarn for this project) and a larger hook size-- I increased the size of the baby booties to become little girl's slippers!!!!  :)

I recently gave them to Havilah (once she understood what slippers were!) and she loved them! :)

Havilah enjoys her new slippers with socks... :)

My little brothers like the slippers too...  so I plan to someday figure out a larger boy version.

I'm amazed at how simple this pattern was-- all you need is a small knowledge of crocheting (the following stitches are used: Single Crochet, Slip-Stitch, and Chain.), a hook, yarn, and of course-- scissors!

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