Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Havilah's Macramé!!

Recently, Havilah found a Macramé Friendship Bracelet book that she wanted me to help her with... of course I did!  :)

So, on a warm sunny day we went outside and spent the lovely afternoon knotting, twisting, and braiding away!

Havilah made a bracelet for herself as well as two for Mommy.  She loves making things for her Mommy!

Here is a more interact design that I tried.

What a blessing it is so tie knots together as we tie strings in our relationship as sisters!


Bekah said...

Tell her it's very pretty! :D

Savories of Life said...

It is very nice! I like your blog and wish you would follow mine.

Bethany Ann said...

How fun! We Ward girls also enjoy macrame as well as knitting, crosheting etc.