Friday, February 18, 2011

Feminine Friday: Your Input

Welcome to Feminine Friday

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Today, we have a question for our readers!

"What are some feminine things you
have enjoyed doing this past week?"

Please share your input in the comment section!
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Anonymous said...

A few feminine things I have enjoyed doing this week include

Cooking, cleaning, taking care of my sisters and piano. O, I also have been able to find a little time to read!

My sisters are learning to make sourdough crackers with me and feed our sourdough starter. This is one time where they do not like to lick the spoon. :)

- Miss Megan

Lucia Marie said...

Hi Shilo!

Are you kidding?! Really? So ya'll live in Oregon, too? Where at, might I ask? That would have been so fun to see you guys would've recognized me, no doubt! ;)

There is another ball coming up in May..have you ever gone to one of them before? What are your friends' names? Maybe I met them..I probably saw them, at least! :)

It was SO much fun..YES, a looong ways for us too...2 hour drive! :P But, worth it, definitly. I hope you will come to the next one, and we can meet! :D


P.S. (A feminine thing I enjoyed doing this week? Dressing up in a fun old-fashioned dress and going to my first ECD dance!!)