Friday, January 7, 2011

Feminine Friday: Happy Reading :)

Welcome to Feminine Friday!

Today, we would like to share several different links with you which we've enjoyed this passed week and New Year!

First a very timely forum update by Miss Sarah on New Year Resolutions:
The Dawn of a New Year

Next Miss Antionette of Practical Simplicity is hosting a giveaway in celebration for her blog anniversary:
Practical Simplicity: Giveaway

Miss Kelly and Miss Andrea of Ah the Life wrote an excellent post on the new Disney movie, Tangled.  I've been working on an article about parental authority-- which all of you Virtuous Women Magazine subscribers will get to read :).  So, I found this film review very interesting!
Mangled: Stay at Home Daughters on the Silver Screen

Happy Reading!

Random Question for Our Readers~

Have you made any New Year resolutions?  Share your thoughts in the comment section!!

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