Friday, December 31, 2010

Feminine Fridays: Answer to a Reader

Hello Ladies!

Welcome to  "Feminine Friday"!  Recently, we received a comment on our blog with a question about thick hair and bobby pins.  :)  So, for this Friday's Feminine Friday we decided to answer that question!  Enjoy our ideas and feel free to leave a comment with yours!


Also where do you girls get your bobby pins? I have very thick hair and every kind of bobby pins that I've tried doesn't hold my hair for long since it's so long and thick! Thanks for the help!


Hello Bethany!

Thank you for your question.  :)

My hair is very long and thick too so I understand where you are coming from.  I have found that longer bobby pins (with the grip on the tip of them) work better then the small ones and recently I read somewhere that bobby pins work better if you cross them over each other.  So in other words instead of using one bobby pin-- us two and "criss-cross" them together.  I've found that this works very well!

Another thing that a few of my friends recommended to my sisters and I and which we have now started using are mini hair claws.  Even though they are small-- they work great!  I've found that with these I can put my hair in a bun, put it up, clip it back, and so on...  I've even seen a friend do a french twist.  The clips come in all sorts of shapes and sizes and there are so many different hair styles you can use them for.  In fact my sisters and I use them nearly everyday and right now as I type this I'm wearing them!  ;)

Here's a link to some on Amazon .  I hope you're able to come up with some wonderful ideas!

Have fun!

~Shiloh for all the Sisters :)

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Bethany Ward said...

Dear Shiloh,
Thank you for the help! I have seen those clips, I think we might have some somewere... :) I appreciate al the advice!
Thanks again!

End of the Matter said...

Hello Bethany,

We're glad we could help you out! :)