Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Thanking the Lord ~ Day 7

GreaThings 2010
The Challenge:  Purposefully and publicly thanking God for specific blessings for these two weeks leading up to Thanksgiving day~ Learn more about it HERE
November 17th- T

Today, we want to Thank the Lord for our sister, Eden and for her Talents!

We've posted two "Sneak-Peek" pictures of the lovely bows Eden made--which will be coming soon to
End of the Matter!!

Click HERE to read the story behind these adorable little bows and be sure to sign up to follow our blog so you can receive the future update as to when all of these are up on the site!

Thank you, LORD for Eden and her Talents!

**Don't you think she has done a great job?**

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The End of the Matter Sisters :)

P.S. If you are doing this Challenge on your blog too~ feel free to leave us a comment and let us know!


Elisabeth said...

I enjoyed reading this ... as a fellow GreaThings blogger this year! :)

Anonymous said...

These bows are so cute!

End of the Matter said...

Thank you for comments! :)