Friday, November 12, 2010

Thanking the Lord ~ Day 2

GreaThings 2010

The Challenge:  Purposefully and publicly thanking God for specific blessings for these two weeks leading up to Thanksgiving day~ Learn more about it HERE

November 12th ~ R
Today, We are Thankful to the Lord for giving us the wonderful Relationship we have with our sister, Bethany...  :)
Mommy, Shiloh, Bethany, & Eden at the Washington Heritage Ladies' Tea
Happy Birthday, Bethany!  We Thank the Lord for you!!
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Two of the End of the Matter Sisters: Shiloh & Eden

P.S. If you are doing this Challenge on your blog too~ feel free to leave us a comment and let us know!

What are you Thankful about today?


Kandace said...

This is so sweet! Relationships are wonderful-something I truly treasure :)

Ebenezer Forest Farm said...

Awww! Why thank you, sisters!
Hmmmm, I'm thankful for you two! I'm thankful for the special times we've had together, the trips we took together this past year, the late night takes, and well, the list goes on!

I love you both!


Chantel said...

Thanks so much for joining in. I'm blessed with a sister and four sister in laws and it is such a beautiful thing. :)