Friday, October 29, 2010

Introducing Our New Blog Series~

Eden came up with the idea...  Bethany liked it....  and Shiloh said, “Lets do it!”

With our new blog series: “Feminine Friday” we hope to post each Friday with different things we do in our everyday lives...  So, maybe one week we’ll post about a new project, or a recipe from our kitchen, or a practical tip!  The ideas are endless!  Feel free to comment on these posts to ask any questions or share your “Feminine Fridays” with us!  We’d love to hear from you!
Can't wait to see how the "end of the matter" with this project turns out!
So, to kick off this very first Friday....

Today, a few of the ladies in our home went to JoAnn Fabric Store.  We were blessed to find a couple random items we needed and Shiloh was excited to find the yarns on sale!  She bought two rolls of brown yarn (a project in the making for one cute little fellowJ) for $5.00—quite a deal!

We all made it home in time to finish up our evening chores and get dinner ready.

In light of goings on today, we are dwelling on this verse section from Proverbs 31:18 a. “She perceiveth that her merchandise is good:”  May we grow to become more like this godly, virtuous woman each and every day!

Praise the Lord for His Blessings!

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Friday, October 8, 2010


Welcome to our new site!!

We are so excited to finally open this site up.  :)

We are three sisters who love making different things together so we decided to open up a little corner of the web and make some of those delightful little "things" available!  So, far we have a selection for little girls, some items available for babies,and a few other pages (like this one)that we are still working on (please excuse our dust :))...

Be sure to read more about us here, contact us with any of your questions--either by leaving us a comment or emailing us directly here, and be sure to follow End of the Matter with your Google, Twitter, or Yahoo accounts.  Oh~ and make sure to tell all your friends about End of the Matter by using our handy little share buttons at the end of the posts!

Thank you for stopping by!  Please come back soon!  :)

Sisters: Eden, Bethany, & Shiloh
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